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MaCh eX Pte Ltd is a leading IoT Solutions (Internet of Things) provider based in Singapore. We developed our inhouse IoT Devices and Platform to provide sustainable solutions like Solar Powered Container Tracking Systems and Asset Management Software and Employee Tracking Solutions.

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MaCh eX Pte Ltd is a full suite IoT solution integrator that reduce your carbon footprint through in house developed IoT devices and complete solutions like solar power container tracking with GPS, Asset Management Software, Employee tracking software.

IoT Devices and Iot Platforms to improve productivity and reduce carbon footprint

All our IoT Devices and Platforms can be solar powered. We reduce carbon footprint by reducing your IoT Devices power consumption.

Ensure Safety for your visitors through Security Management IoT Devices.
Attendance and Temperature Taking with Invoicing Increase your tuition center efficiency.
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IoT Solutions

Increase your efficiency and productivity by integrating the next generation of industrial IoT (Internet of Things) Devices and IoT Platforms. We build turnkey solution like solar power container tracking solution, Event Management Solution and Attendance taking Solution. Our hardware and software are in house developed in Singapore. We assure you quality and reliability.

Digital Twin

A digital twin is a digital copy of a physical living or non-living entity. It also refers to a digital model of realistic and actual assets, processes, people, places, systems and devices that may be used for numerous motives and objectives. Both digital copies represent the fundamentals of how an Internet of Things device works and functions throughout their cycles.


Customers who’ve engaged MaCh eX IoT solutions and customized services and left a happy feedback.

MaCh eX Testimony IoT Tuition Managament
Jaslyn Lee
Principal (Enrichment Centre)

"The system has been great. It helps me in facilitating quicker attendance taking and tracks the duration of the class each child has taken. As the scanning is efficient it does not slow down even when numerous students appear at a go. This took away the human jam we once had when students report for class at peak hours."

Mach eX Testimony IoT Intelligent Uniform
Tu Shen
Marketing Director

"The IoT Intelligent Uniform system provided by MaCh eX helps me to grow my business and increase the productivity of my employees. Ever since the IoT system came onboard, we didn’t hear anything about our staff losing or misplacing their staff passes and best of all, it showed a significant improvement of the productivity and punctuality of our employees. The system is really useful and easy to keep track of the attendance. Thumbs up to the team!"

Mach eX Testimony IoT Church Management
Church Ministry

"The system wise, I think it helps to speed up the process in certain measures. Apart from that, the staff of MaCh eX has been really helpful and useful as well in this entire process. But as a system definitely could speed things up a little bit and it will be a very good system with potential."


To provide reliable and customizable IoT solutions, we have formed strategic relationships with our following key partners.

MaCh eX - Butterfly Kisses
MaCh eX - Starhub
MaCh eX - CornerStone
MaCh eX - HDB
MaCh eX - NTU
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MaCh eX - Butterfly Kisses
MaCh eX - Starhub
MaCh eX - CornerStone
MaCh eX - HDB
MaCh eX - NTU
MaCh eX - NUS
MaCh eX - Butterfly Kisses
MaCh eX - Starhub
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