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On a roll with new smart pole

Local company’s intelligent lamp pole hides a range of high-tech devices

Standing like sentinels over Sentosa’s Palawan Beach are two lamp poles that shine a light to a future of smart and safer cities.

They are twice the size of the ones found throughout Singapore, and have hidden compartments to house Internet of Things (IoT) devices and cables.

More than a decade in the making, the idea for these next-generation lamp poles arose from a need for quicker responses to traffic or emergency situations.

When local lighting company Technolite started supplying lamp poles to Orchard Road in 2006, they began to receive requests from government agencies to install additional surveillance equipment to the structures.

“It was a big challenge because the poles are not designed for that,” said Mr Michael Chia, 55, managing director of Technolite.

“We had to think about how the structural design of the pole could support the weight of the devices and wind load, and optimise the space within the constraints of the pole dimensions,” added Mr Lim Yeow Chong, 55, senior engineer at Technolite.

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