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Device-Agnostic IoT Platform that propels you into the world of IoT.

Connect a wide variety of devices to our IoT platform without worrying too much about device compatibility. The supported devices range from single-board computers to servers..

What we offer

MaCh eX IoT Platform
MaCh eX IoT Software Platform allows you to start work on your IoT Ideas immediately

MaCh eX IoT Gateway
MaCh eX IoT gateway is connected to our own MaCh eX IoT Platform that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our platform allows remote control of IoT Gateway with a peace of mind.

Smart Container Kit
This smart container kit controls and tracks the container efficiently, obtaining real-time information such as container capacity, speed and other critical information.
Smart Lighting Kit
The smart lighting kit comes with various types of information such as location, position, movements, human and motion sensors.
Smart Controller Kit
The smart solar controller ensures maximum solar harvesting that results in better yield than most solar charge controller.

How it works?

Our IoT Software Platform once installed will provide ability to give you the core capability of a IoT device. It allows you to provision your IoT Device via a AWS cloud with its own unique device ID. Periodically, the IoT Device will send its own heartbeat to the AWS cloud. You can harness our Cloud platform to store the sensors data and can easily query these data via available API. OTA update and remote execution is part of our IoT software platform allowing you to focus on your IoT Solutions. All these features are secured by design via TLS and JWT tokens with hardware ID verifications.

To help in our sustainability drive, our IoT Software Platform has a small software footprint. This translate to it needing less power while having the enriched features for IoT Devices

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