Case Study

Creating a Brain

for the Smart Lamp Pole

In 2019, Technolite and Photizo gave MaCh eX a challenge – to give intelligence to their specially designed smart lamp pole.

Case Study: Smart Lighting

As a smart infrastructure, the street lamp pole was designed with compartments to house electronics and IoT devices that can help boost its functionality. (More information here)

Our team at MaCh eX created the core IoT components that made the lamp pole smart. The smart lamp poles that were deployed at Sentosa’s Palawan Beach were able to collect environmental data, GPS location data, security video footage and have configurable LED lighting control rules. For example, it is able to increase the brightness of the lamp if the surrounding is dark and there are people nearby. Integrating smart IoT technologies into the design allows remote monitoring and control, making  maintenance more convenient.

The IoT Journey

Like any other project, there are a lot of uncertainties and changing requirements. What are the features required for the smart lamp pole to be truly smart? What features can be practically implemented? And how to implement them? The MaCh eX’s team leverage their domain expertise to design a sustainable IoT solution for our clients. We brought our client through the design process, from the electronics, software components and the design of the enclosure for the smart IoT devices.

After a few rounds of extended testing and iterations of the smart lamp pole, it is finally ready to be deployed. At the end of the project, 2 poles were planted in Sentosa’s Palawan Beach for a long-term field test before commercialising the complete product.

One Step Closer to a Smart and Sustainable City

This project was an exciting journey for MaCh eX and its clients. Everyone tried out new things and saw their ideas become a reality. On top of that, MaCh eX has fulfilled one of its goals, which is to contribute sustainable IoT solutions that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a smart city in a digital world.


The progression on how the Smart Lamp Pole was construct and built.

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