Case Study

Solar-Powered 5G

Internet for Everyone

National University of Singapore (NUS), in an attempt to push for sustainable and smart infrastructure, worked with Starhub to create a solar-powered 5G pole to allow their students to have wireless access to high-speed internet all over the campus.

Case Study: Smart Solar Power

MaCh eX was invited into the project to provide smart solar power for the pole. The smart solar system not only powers the 5G network equipment but is also able to collect data such as environment data, power harvested from solar panels, power consumption and more. All the data are sent to Cumulocity, an IoT platform, for further viewing and processing.

Towards a Smarter Pole for a Sustainable City

In view of the possibility of extending the functions of the smart solar system, the system was designed to connect to more sensors and smart IoT devices. Smart features that are implemented in the software running on the edge devices can be easily extended through remote software updates. All these allow the smart solar power to transform the 5G network pole into a smarter one in the future.


The progression of how Smart Solar Power were being set up and integrated.

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