IoT consulting helps take a realistic look at your IoT adoption: feasibility, challenges, opportunities, costs.

MaCh eX provides IoT consulting services to create IoT solutions with high ROI and plan coherent architectures of network-connected devices, data processing layers and apps.

Our IoT Consulting Services

Whether you just embark on your IoT journey or are already making your way through it, our IoT consultants will help you make the best of new technological opportunities and set them in tune with your business strategy in a sustainable way.

By integrating IoT technologies, we help enterprises, industries and communities increase energy efficiency, reduce costs and limit their carbon footprint to create a more sustainable world.

We elaborate the best value proposition for IoT adoption.


  • Investigating thoroughly your business context, processes, organizational hierarchy.
  • Finding reasons for inefficiencies noticed by you and detected during our investigation. For example, regular damage of perishables in warehouses may indicate poor temperature control.
  • Outlining a potential IoT-enabled solution and describing the value it will bring in your specific business situation.

We bring a general concept of your IoT solution to life with a

working prototype.


  • Planning major components of an IoT solution responsible for generating, analyzing and visualizing information as well as triggering response actions in smart things.
  • Describing the functional scope of each solution component: smart things, data warehousing and analytics solutions, control and user-facing apps.
  • Visually mapping the connectivity of IoT components.
  • Preliminary estimating a data volume that will be processed by an IoT solution.

We help you select reliable techs for hardware IoT components.


  • Eliciting and structuring hardware requirements taking into account the use case and multiple environment variables: temperature, humidity, light, vibration, etc.
  • Compiling the list of hardware to buy following the requirements specification.
  • Shortlisting 2-3 reliable hardware suppliers.

We automate each step of collecting, filtering, and analyzing

data from smart devices.


  • Architecting a big data solution.
  • Setting up big data governance procedures (big data filtering, quality assurance, security, etc.).
  • Developing machine learning models.
  • Visualizing data insights in pre-defined dashboards.

We create a realistic understanding of the project scope.


  • Estimating the project time and budget.
  • Defining the skills and knowledge needed for project implementation.
  • Identifying possible project risks (budget changes, emergency expansion of the project scope, resistance in team adoption of new processes, more).
  • Elaborating a data security strategy.

We can take over your entire IoT project.


  • Placing IoT devices (sensors) to monitor the required conditions (of objects or environment).
  • Setting up an IoT gateway to transport the collected data to a data storage.
  • Building a data storage (e.g., a big data lake and DWH).
  • Setting algorithms for control applications to send commands to actuators.
  • Designing user application(s) to control the performance of smart things and get convenient analytics results.
  • Security testing.

How We Drive Digital Transformation with IoT-Enabled Solutions

Data-Driven Solutions We Created

SMART Container

Logistics company BHS Kinetics wanted to understand the loading patterns of their containers in order to optimise their container dispatchment and routing. MaCh eX was put to the task of figuring out a way to reliably monitor the capacity of the containers without obstructing BHS’s normal business operations.


National University of Singapore (NUS), in an attempt to push for sustainable and smart infrastructure, worked with Starhub to create a solar-powered 5G pole to allow their students to have wireless access to high-speed internet all over the campus.

SMART Lighting

 In 2019, Technolite and Photizo gave MaCh eX a challenge – to give intelligence to their specially designed smart lamp pole. As a smart infrastructure, the street lamp pole was designed with compartments to house electronics and IoT devices that can help boost its functionality.

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