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Smart Lighting Kit

Smart Lighting Kit System transforms any lighting point into a smart lighting point.

Equipped with various sensors, the smart lamp pole could be used to report an incident, detect intrusion and also to save cost and energy.

Not your typical lighting controller

The smart lighting kit comes with various types of information such as location, position, movements, human and motion sensors.

Smart Connectivity

The smart lighting kit is also mainly used for smart and weather adaptive lighting that controls the lamp pole based on the detection of sunlight and environment.

Some Benefits of Smart Lighting Kit includes :

✔ Automatically detect intrusion and report incidents.
✔ Energy and cost saving as it works with sensors to turn on and off.
✔ Video Streaming/Analytics to ensure and maintain public safety.
✔ Panic button in case of any emergency or danger to raise an alarm.
✔ Adaptive Lighting with intelligent monitoring system based on environmental sensors

Our MCX IoT Platform is connected with high availability AWS to give you a piece of mind when developing own device features.

IoT Smart Lighting Kit

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