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Smart Container Kit

This Smart Container Kit controls and tracks the container efficiently, obtaining real-time information such as container capacity, speed and other critical information. 

These data are transmitted into the cloud for analysis purposes. Our Smart Container Kit has the ability to remotely managed the Smart Container.

More than meets the eye

Apart from that, our Smart Container Kit has an in-house developed IoT Orchestrator (Patent Pending) that reads different sensors data like Container capacity, GPS, Speed, door open/close status, G force etc., package and transmit it to the cloud.

Smart Connectivity

In the event when there is no internet connectivity, the orchestrator can continue to operate by caching the data and performing edge actions based on its in built rule based system.

Some Benefits of Smart Container Kit includes :

✔ Locating and tracking containers remotely.
✔ Compliance with safety and environmental regulations.
✔ Streamline operations and improve time management.
✔ Equipped with sensors to check-in/check-out in the container.
✔ Perform operations with optimized maintenance and logistics efficiently.

Our MCX IoT Platform is connected with high availability AWS to give you a piece of mind when developing own device features.


The progression of how Smart Containers were being set up and integrated.

Proof of Concept for Capacity Sensor Design

Onsite Installation Smart Container Management

Featuring the Team and their work in progress

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