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Device-Agnostic IoT Platform that propels you into the world of IoT.

Connect a wide variety of devices to our IoT platform without worrying too much about device compatibility. The supported devices range from single-board computers to servers..

Realise your IoT Dreams and potential and let MaCh eX IoT Platform handles the IoT grind.

Leave the tough part to MaCh eX IoT Platform and focus on developing your IoT solution. We provide the necessary backbone of an IoT Platform for your devices.

MCX IoT Platform is build with security in mind and let you manage your device remotely by just registering with us.

Control and monitor your devices remotely over secured communication channels backed by AWS.

Worried about logging the data, we have built in NoSQL logging API that ensures no data is loss.

Store your IoT telemetry and logs on our IoT Platform and retrieve it anytime.

Our MCX IoT Platform is connected with high availability AWS to give you a piece of mind when developing own device features.

Realise Your Ideas
MaCh eX IoT Software Platform allows you to start work on your IoT Ideas immediately

Our IoT Platform is secured by design to give a peace of mind when deploying your IoT solutions

Built for IoT
Our IoT platform takes comes with default data pipeline from sensors to cloud to let you concentrate on building your IoT solutions rather than the plumbing
Our IoT Platform has a small footprint and has been tested in the field to run seamlessly using renewable resources.

Our plugin is based on Javascript that allows you to extend your features with via NPM.

Start your IoT journey with MCX IoT Platform

MaCh eX IoT Platform



Secured by Design

Device Identity verified using API Key and JWT authentication

Device Identity integrated with Hardware ID or TPM (*Hardware dependant)

Device communication authenticated via JWT

Secured encrypted communication between

                  device and IoT platform

Integration with AWS Incognito for multi device management

Device Management

Automatically provision devices once connected to Internet

OTA (Over The Air) Update for firmware

Online device monitoring via MaCh eX Dashboard

Online device monitoring via Your dashboard via API Calls

Remote Control

Remotely Control and Read Input/Output of IoT Device

Remotely Send command to Device

Logging of IoT Telemetry 

Database Connectivity of IoT Telemetry

Send IoT Telemetry via Natively supported features to NoSQL

Free Storage of Stored data

Build your own plugin

Extend the functionality through creating your own plugin.

Easy Installation of your plugin via NPM

OTA (Over The Air) Update for plugin

Choose your plan

BAsic User


50MB per device 


USD $89 / device

Payable Every MONTH

500MB per device 

How it works?

Our IoT Software Platform once installed will provide ability to give you the core capability of a IoT device. It allows you to provision your IoT Device via a AWS cloud with its own unique device ID. Periodically, the IoT Device will send its own heartbeat to the AWS cloud. You can harness our Cloud platform to store the sensors data and can easily query these data via available API. OTA update and remote execution is part of our IoT software platform allowing you to focus on your IoT Solutions. All these features are secured by design via TLS and JWT tokens with hardware ID verifications.

To help in our sustainability drive, our IoT Software Platform has a small software footprint. This translate to it needing less power while having the enriched features for IoT Devices

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