Smart Temperature Screening

Our Smart Auto-Temperature Screening (SATS) solution provides an affordable, accurate and contactless means of measuring the body temperatures of employees and visitors on arrival without physical interactions. SATS is easy to deploy, and works seamlessly with SafeEntry digital check-in system and COVID-19 Health Declaration platform to identify unhealthy personnel and support critical Contact Tracing functions.
SATS comes with a portal to allow you to manage employee attendance and download visitor contact tracing information. It can be paired with MaCh eX Smart Door Access system to control access of both employees and visitors.   Read more...

SATS improve company efficency by reducing an additional person required for temperature screening, sends alert if high body temperature is detected and manage day to day employee attendance all in one interface.

✔ Self Service Temperature Screening
✔ Employee Attendance Management
✔ Visitor Management
✔ Door Access Controls (Integreted with our Smart Door)
✔ Fast and accurate temperature screening
✔ Quick deployment and cost-effective
✔ Ease of integration with multiple Sites Health Declaration forms , Online Forms ;    for Contact Tracing screening.

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Smart Event Management

IoT Event Management Solution is the first Event Management Solution in Singapore that integrates IoT devices with Event Management software to get insight into the events which you organize.  Read more...

By using contactless reader that can read RFID devices, you are able to identify who has attended, and which exhibit or services they are interested to participate in. By capturing information and analyzing guest behavior, it helps to measure their level of interest in various events or exhibit by using our Edge IoT Analytics Device, a convenient and fuss-free solution to help you to manage your event better. You will be alerted each time a guest approaches with our long-range scanning capabilities. Furthermore, you would not need to worry about taking notes or register for attendance.

✔ Identify guests who has attended, which exhibit.
✔ Capturing information and analysing individuals.
✔ Measure level of interest in various events.
✔ Record and take attendance conveniently.

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Smart Asset Management

IoT Asset Management Solution is created for easy deployment and accurate asset management. It is highly customizable based on your needs and has many configurations that are suitable for good asset management.  Read more...

One of the most powerful features is our ability to easily integrate into your existing system and allows you to quickly set up your asset management system and keep an accurate record of each item. We have also developed our very own PeAID (Portable Edge Analytics Device) which makes your Yearly Audit a breeze. This device allows you to do cycle counting, records them and even helps you ensure that sub-assembly parts are accounted for.

✔ Easily integrate our IoT Asset Management into your system.
✔ Keep an accurate record of each asset.
✔ Yearly Audit hassle free.
✔ List of drawing and returning assets.
✔ Asset Tags Tracking and Detection.

Smart Intelligent Uniform

By bringing intelligence to your uniforms, we can ensure that each and every staff, students or anyone who wears the intelligent uniform to be properly accounted for. This hassle-free method creates a far more accurate and efficient system for organization to track the attendance and presence of everyone.  Read more...

Each intelligent uniform is sewn with the RFID label. The intelligent uniform is then issued to either staff or students. Throughout the office, factory, site, or school, you will have readers which will automatically record the presence of each person as they walk past. At any time, you can analyze the statistic from the backend to see if a particular individual is currently on the premises. The attendance is automatically taken and systematized. Movement can also be tracked via placing readers at key locations.

✔ Zero-maintenance IoT solution with RFID based system.
✔ Track the attendance and presence hassle-free.
✔ Automatically record each person as they walk past the sentry.
✔ Analyse data backend to spot if individual is on the premises.

Church Security Management

Our IoT Church and Sunday School Management allow you to track your congregation and identify immediate regulars who have missed their Church service without having the need to bogged down by needless administrative tasks and processes. You can discover groups that are spending more or less time in Church.  Read more...

You are also able to track down every single individual or student progressions such as attending classes, covering topics and more. With the insights from the analytics that was created from our IoT Church and Sunday School Management, you will be able to interpret your Church and the members better to plan your future events.

✔ Track every student progression such as attending classes.
✔ Walk-in congregation without hassle to scan.
✔ SMS will be sent to parents upon arrival/departure of children.
✔ Locate individual during emergency.

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Smart Tuition Management

Our IoT Tuition Management Solutions provide unique solutions that make attendance taking fuss-free and effortlessly. With this solution, you can increase the efficiency of your tuition center.   Read more...

With IoT Tuition Management Solution, it can help you to monitor the payments and integrate payments made via interbank GIRO. It can also minimize administrative tasks and execute customized analytics like how students behave, sitting arrangements, where and who do they sit with, and so on. Parents and guardians will be notified via SMS to inform them that their child has arrived safely at the center.

✔ Auto reporting, invoice & membership renewal.
✔ Monitors and integrate payments made via interbank GIRO.
✔ Minimize administrative tasks & execute customized analytics.
✔ Management of auto invoicing with auto bank reconciliation.
✔ Parents and guardians will be notified via SMS to inform that their      child has arrived safely at the centre.

Smart Elder Care Home Monitoring System

This system aims to provide a safer environment, and monitors the status of the elderly. An SMS or a notification through the app will be sent to the next-of-kin if there is no movement for a fixed period of time of the elderly when he/she is at home.   Read more...

This will help to ensure that in the event of accidents or any misadventure, the next-of-kin will be notified at the earliest possible. It can also improve communications between the elderly and next of kin. The system can be scaled up to integrate with eldercare and nursing homes. (In discussion with potential investors)

✔ Monitor biometric measurements and setup threshold.
✔ Ensure peace of mind for elderly, addressing their fears.
✔ Improve communications between elderly and next of kin.
✔ SMS or a notification will be sent to alert next-of-kin if no movement      from the elderly for a fixed period of time.

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