Smart Cargo Management System

MaCh eX IoT Smart Cargo Management Systems is to revolutionise the Logistics landscape. This product was researched and developed from scratch.

The road begin with MaCh eX looking at what type of sensors too employ to detect capacity of a cargo. This sensor must be small size so that it does not infringe on the container cargo space and can operate in absolute darkness. With careful research and analysis MaCh eX was able to design its own container capacity sensor.
In order to coordinate the sensors data, a microcontroller unit was developed to handle the capacity sensor data transmission to the main Smart Cargo Management Module.
Smart Cargo Management System has an in house developed IoT Orchestrator (Patent Pending) that takes in the different sensors data like Containter Capacity, GPS, Speed, door open status, G force etc., package and transmit it to the cloud. Click to View More

Smart Lamp Pole System

MaCh eX Smart Lighting Management System tranforms any lamp pole into a smart lamp pole. Equipped with various sensors, the smart lamp pole could be used to report an incident, detect intrusion and also to save cost and energy. Equipped with various sensors, the smart lamp pole could be used to report an incident, detect intrusion and also to save cost and energy.

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Smart Apparel Fitting

Apparel Fitting Module is powered by Artificial Intelligence to identify and advocate appropriate measurements of clothing. It also reduces the rejection due to sizing mismatch and the need for alteration. It is difficult to choose the right size and find the correct apparel.   Read more...

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, it helps to identify the exact and accurate measurements of an individual to quicken by reducing the time of measuring uniform sizes.

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✔ Without the need to measure individually.
✔ Reduce time due to measurements.
✔ Reduce rejection due to sizing mismatch.
✔ Accurate appropriate measurements of clothing.
✔ Improve conversions and increase profit of sale.

Smart Irrigation System

The Smart Irrigation System is an IoT based device that helps to control the entire irrigation system by going through the analytics to measure the moisture of soil, location, weather and also auto-scheduling of self-watering and run automatically.  Read more...

The Smart Irrigation System will find the optimal set-up by using weather-based smart irrigation sensors and soil moisture sensors to ensure the plantation is getting taken care of without the need of wasting resources and manpower.

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✔ Save Money And Water.
✔ Maintaining made easier and convenient.
✔ Better control of landscape and irrigation needs.
✔ Sustainable and responsible irrigation over time.
✔ Auto-scheduling of self-watering to improve efficiency.

Smart Industry 4.0 System

Industry 4.0, the new phase of Industrial Revolution that emphasise heavily on automation, machine learning, and real-time data. From machineries to automation by using IoT, it allows a better flow and communication between manufacturers, products, partners and many more.   Read more...

With Industry 4.0 integrated into your business, it allows better control and a smooth operation flow by leveraging real time data to increase productivity and improve processes.

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✔ Assure Better Working Conditions.
✔ Prevent errors in inventory management and production flow.
✔ Monitor the processes using IoT real-time.
✔ Reduce operating cost by managing processes remotely.
✔ Track products and supplies easily efficiently.

Digital Twin

A digital twin is a digital copy of a physical living or non-living entity. It also refers to a digital model of realistic and actual assets, processes, people, places, systems and devices that may be used for numerous motives and objectives. Both digital copies represent the fundamentals of how an Internet of Things device works and functions throughout their cycles.

Digital twins help to replicate the infrastructure to calculate different aspects and measurements to significantly improve innovation, performance and saving cost. Digital twins in Iot are able to justify different capabilities by predicting, monitoring and gathering of information and data. This method helps to foresee different IoT devices needed in an industry to optimize a certain process automatically with precise calculations and analytics.

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