MaCh eX


Our IoT gateway can connect to the Internet via 4G or PPPoE protocol and it provides encrypted WiFi or LAN network to create stable and secure Intranet

Our IoT gateway supports multiple types of connections to allow sensors or MCUs to connect. Some of the supported I/O includes RS232, RS485, Digital IO and Analog IO. These industrially common connections allow multiple connections to different industrial sensors or microcontrollers to further enhance IoT ecosystem.

Proprietary IoT Software Platform that transmit information to renown cloud platform

Our IoT Gateway can connect to major IoT Cloud Platform like Cumulocity and SPTel Platform. It is connected to our own MaCh eX IoT Platform that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our platform allows remote control of IoT Gateway with a peace of mind.

Allow Secondary Development on MaCh eX IoT Software Platform

Using MaCh eX IoT Platform, the device can be remotely controlled and updated through secure mechanisms that are secured all the way from the cloud level to the device level. MaCh eX IoT Platform runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide device owners with high availability and high performance.

Secured by Default

Our IoT Gateway are secured at the device level where only allowed burnt-in device ID can interact with the Cloud platform. This eliminates the possibility of hacker replacing the hardware with their own hardware for malicious intent. Our IoT Gateway only communicates with any platform via connections with TLS. This ensures that all communication are encrypted.

Ingress Protection 65 and Ruggedised to withstand High G force

Our IoT Gateway has Ingress Protection rating of IP65 to ensure the IoT Gateway can be deployed outdoor. The gateway is verified to work under high-G conditions and all connectors are airline certified connectors to make sure wire connections stays in place when deploying MaCh eX IoT Gateway.