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There is a whole range of RFID hardware which you can select from to execute your IoT implementation strategy. What is the most important factor to consider is really the level of compatibility and reliability of your chosen equipment. Illustrated here is our RFID UHF Long Range Reader, which is used in many of our IoT solutions involving the use of RFID tags in various formats.

This RFID UHF Long Range Reader can be mounted on the wall or put as a stand alone box anywhere it is needed. When integrated with our customised mini computer and cloud applications, the scanner is operational right out of the box. With this, you can start creating a new retail experience, track your staff, or track your assets in less than 1 hour; that’s how fast we can get things going for you.

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Portable edge Analytics IOT device (PeAID) links with a RFID reader
to make RFID reading easy. It allows users to bring analytics to any location. PeAID can work with and without Internet connection. The “intelligence” and data are kept in PeAID but once connection is established, it would update its “intelligence” and upload the data to the cloud.

PeAID comes with features for attendance taking, cycle counting, asset detection, assembly and subaseembly accounting. As it is assembled and developed in house, you can have a peace of mind in using this product for any requirements.

MaCh eX UHF Laundry Tag

UHF Laundry Tag

This Washable RFID Tag For Garment Tracking is specially suitable for industrial washing environment.

It tracks the progress of the laundry or uniform to ensure a smooth transition to avoid delay. The staff can also locate the placement of the laundry when it goes missing.

MaCh eX Metal Tag

UHF Metal Tag

This is an on-Metal RFID tag that is suitable to help you track your assets in any type of environment. Combined with our RF Scanner, it can provide real time location of your assets thus preventing loss and reduce time looking for your assets.

This UHF on-metal RFID tag are special RFID Tags can be put on metals and still functions. For this tiny on-metal tag is specially designed for the number plates or small metallic tools. When paired with our RF Scanner, it allows you to track your assets to their last known location.

MaCh eX Wrist Tag

UHF Wrist Tag

This versatile RFID tag is not only for tracking laundry, but is specially customised to provide Real Time location of the person and provide business insights to the safety of your wearer and performance of your company.

Paper Tyvek Hospital RFID Wristband-75 were designed to be a versatile single use band. The soft, flexible, breathable and waterproof band has many applications. As it is breathable, it does not create discomfort when the user is wearing it. It’s tough material ensures user does not accidentally rip off the tag.

UHF Antibody Tag

A UHF card specially designed for personnel management, this card perfectly solves the problem of reader omission caused by the decline of human interference performance of ordinary white cards by using anti-human interference design ideas.

The card can be close to human body without interference, and can effectively ensure the consistency of card performance in the whole system so that the system can run well with user experience and convenience. Used for personnel management in schools, hospitals, venues, factories and other environments.

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