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MaCh eX is a leading IoT solutions provider in Singapore.

We empower businesses to digitally transform into smarter and greener enterprises through sustainable IoT.

Smart Logistics

Eyes in the Containers.

Smart Solar Power

Solar-Powered 5G Internet for Everyone

Smart Integration

Smart Container with Raspberry Pi

We integrate sustainable IoT

The world is facing increasingly scarce resources as global temperature rises. The internet of things (IoT) can help your organisation reduce the impact of humanity and climate change on the environment. Sustainable IoT solutions make smart business sense. aBy integrating IoT technologies, we help enterprises, industries and communities increase energy efficiency, reduce costs and limit their carbon footprint to create a more sustainable world.


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Making a Green Impact

With the smart container system, BHS can better monitor and plan their container distribution, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Through integrating sustainable IoT, the system is powered by smart solar power and requires little maintenance. Moving forward, MaCh eX plans to perform analytics on the data collected to provide clients with more insightful information that can be used to make smart business decisions.

Featured Work

“The system has been great. It helps me in facilitating quicker attendance taking and tracks the duration of the class each child has taken. As the scanning is efficient it does not slow down even when numerous students appear at a go. This took away the human jam we once had when students report for class at peak hours.”

“The IoT Intelligent Uniform system provided by MaCh eX helps me to grow my business and increase the productivity of my employees. Ever since the IoT system came onboard, we didn’t hear anything about our staff losing or misplacing their staff passes and best of all, it showed a significant improvement of the productivity and punctuality of our employees. The system is really useful and easy to keep track of the attendance. Thumbs up to the team!”

“The system wise, I think it helps to speed up the process in certain measures. Apart from that, the staff of MaCh eX has been really helpful and useful as well in this entire process. But as a system definitely could speed things up a little bit and it will be a very good system with potential.”

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