COVID-19 Visitor & Employee Management Solution (Features SafeEntry)
Smart Auto Temperature
Screening Solution (SATS)

Our Smart Auto-Temperature Screening (SATS) solution provides an affordable, accurate and contactless means to measure the body temperatures of employees and visitors on arrival without the need for physical interactions. SATS is quick to deploy, easily accessible via mobile devices, and redirects to SafeEntry. It sends out automated alerts and provide a portal for managing contact tracing report. It is also helps to track your Employee attendance and work hours

Scan QR Code Once Only
Self Service Temperature Taking and Contact Tracing Redirects to SafeEntry
Removes need for physical interactions
Provides fast and accurate results
Auto Alerts via Alarms or Email for "at risk" personnel
Portal to download contact tracing data
Portal to download Employee Attendance and Work Hour Reporting
Easy to deploy and maintain
Integration with Smart Wifi Door Access System

How does SATS device work?

Watch this short video clip to
understand how the SATS device
Features SafeEntry portal

Responsive Web App (access with any device)

Product Specification

Pricing Plan

SATS PSG Standard SATS PSG Ultimate SATS Premium

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the 6 MOM Safe Management Measures?

1) Reducing physical interaction
2) Ensuring safe distancing at workplaces
3) Support contact tracing requirements
4) require personal protective equipment and personal hygiene
5)Ensure cleanliness of workplace premises
6) Implement health checks and protocols to manage potential cases

What do we mean by auto transmit temperature to any health declaration form?

If your existing form is a google form, our system will be able to auto fill up the health declaration form.

What is the purpose of the QR code?

This is to direct the visitor to the web page for temperature taking.

Can the mobile phone be used to take temperature?

Yes, you may use your mobile phone to take temperature.

How SATS redirects to the SafeEntry portal?

When the temperature reading shows no fever, the visitor will be redirected to submit via the SafeEntry portal. Otherwise, we will block it. Emails and notification alerts can be customized to be sent to the management.

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