After dabbling in IoT for the past 5 years, MaCh eX has faced many ups and downs. We have our wins and our losses. One thing we do know is that IoT is the future, it is the future because it is not just the next buzzword. It is the future because it is the only technology today that will propel us to a better lifestyle and assist us to a sustainable future.

Yet, IoT is like a Wild west today where there is a amalgation of legacy protocol and a integration of new protocol. It is a world where different fields like electronics, electrical, Networking, Cloud technology, cybersecurity, has to be aligned for all of it to work together. In this world where there are so much focus of specialization, it seems that there are just too many hurdle to cross. And for those brave souls that have crossed it, looking back at the path it has trail blazed through brought shivers and lots of unknown.

What is Sustainable IoT? it is to build a ecosystem of connected device that is lean, efficient and durable.

Lean devices use just the right amount of resources to do their job. They are designed, equipped, and built to use fewer resources, which reduces the impact of manufacturing and disposing them as well as their energy consumption. For example, electronic devices like smartphones use rare-earth metals in many of their components. These materials impact the environment when mined and disposed of. By reducing the amount of these materials used in your design, you can move towards being more sustainable.
Efficient devices lower their operational impact by using up-to-date and secure software and enhancements to code and data handling.
Durable devices remain in the field for a long time and still provide their intended function and value. They can adapt to changing business requirements and are able to recover from operational failure. The longer the device functions, the lower its carbon footprint will be. This is because device manufacturing, shipping, installing, and disposing will require relatively less effort.
In summary, deploy devices that efficiently use resources to bring business value for as long as possible. Finding the right tradeoff for your requirements allows you to improve operational efficiency while also maximizing your benefit on environmental sustainability.

MaCh eX has designed hardware agnostics software based platform that covers from embedded device to cloud. Allowing you to start creating a sustainable secured IoT project without wading through the mysterious route of IoT.
For the single board computer, we have developed our device agent to work on debian OS. The agent will provide ability to like provisioning, device heartbeat, OTA, remote execution all with done via the secured TLS and JWT tokens with hardware ID verifications. Yet, it does not require a full installation or any specialised OS. It is a simple set of codes that can be easily installed and provision on your single board computer. Once on board critical features will be available to manage your single board computer. Security is inbuilt within the agent and unique JWT Token will be used to exchange information giving you a piece of mind when creating your next Sustainability IoT solution.

We have also developed a noSQL platform that is ready to accept different forms of IoT data. This reduce your need to design how an noSQL database and work on the necessary APIs, all you need is to call our API and it will be available.

Just in case, you were wondering how robust is this platform, this platform was built through and now supporting several industrial project like Smartcontainers, Smart 5G Solar Pole as well as IoT Smart lamppole.

In MaCh eX, we want to share this Sustainable IoT platform with anybody that is interested to use this platform to have a quick jumpstart in their IoT Project. All you need is to register with us and you will be on your way to a new Sustainable IoT Project.