Recently, NTU has released the news on one of their latest invention, a SMART device designed to absorb solar energy to power up the dark tunnels in Singapore. It is designed to be a replacement for traditional means of power sources such as LED light bulbs.

Throughout the development phrase at NTU, the team here at MaCheX has taken part in the process and contribute to the backed process. We provide assistance to the development team over at NTU to speed up their process and help to finish the project. Our passion lies in developing IoT technology that speed up the growth of any organization and provide new solution that offer better efficiency while reducing the limitations.

Even though this is not an fully individual project by MaCh eX, we are proud to be part of this development and is excited about the possibilities that it could bring to the future of underground management.

(Photo: NTU Singapore)

The materials used in production are off-the-shelf acrylic ball, a single plastic optical fiber and computer chip assisted motors

Taking Inspiration from the magnifying glass, the ball absorb energy in the form of sunlight, where it direct the rays into a concentration point to increase the solar energy. Following that, it is then transported from one side of the fiber cable into the other end that stationed underground, before emitting light from it.

To maximizes the effectiveness, small motors attached with computer chips will be used to ensure the optimal amount of solar energy that can be absorbed and be transferred. It achieve this by detecting the sun movement and adjust accordingly throughout the day. Also, for every single watt of electricity, this device produce more light compared to current LED light bulbs on the market

In case of unexpected circumstances such as cloudy or rainy weather where there is lack of sunlight, a backup LED bulb will instead be activated to ensure a continuously supply of illumination underground so that any activity would not be hindered.

Tech is part of our everyday life and we believe it is the one of the keys to making our lives better, more productivity for the economy and do things we never thought could be done before. This is an example of the amazing application that IoT can be used to enhance the current model of a device that we are commonly used to.