Since Covid-19 started in early 2020, it has affected both the economy and day to day cycle of our lives. To prevent the possible spread of any infected cases, stringent measures were implemented by the government to ensure the safety of all citizens. Some of this policy includes compulsory wearing of mask in public, tracking of location with SafeEntry and mandatory temperature screening.

As business managers, it is inevitable that the policies have affected the usual operation by creating more demand for extra resources. Some may need to allocate additional manpower to fulfill the job of daily temperature reading of all incoming traffic.

Even with an automated thermometer device, it could still be a problem for some business to ensure that all walk-in personnel will be checked accurately and or to prevent any misses out personnel. Also, SafeEntry will only be able to check the location and timing of all entry and exits but exclude the temperature reading data taken throughout the day.

Currently, there are many examples of technology being used to overcome some of the challenges posed by Covid-19. Some of them includes distance learning through video call lessons, robot waiters, online deliveries.

However, for the challenge of mandatory temperature taking, currently there are only two choice between a manual hand-held forehead thermometer or an automated one.

Hand Held Thermometer commonly used in public

SATS – Visitor’s Flow Management System

What if there is a new system that take it beyond just a mere thermometer but rather function as an integrated visitor flow management that you can rely on? SATS is a newly developed hi-tech automatic thermometer that provides fast and accurate reading by using infrared thermography.

However, SATS is so much more than a thermometer device you can purchase anywhere. It is a one-of-a-kind management system that track and record various kind of your visitor information without relying on any extra manpower

  1. Auto-Directs to SafeEntry

Only those who have passed the temperature check will be directed to the SafeEntry Page that you are all so familiar with. This will ensure that a user must undergo temperature reading before going into any monitored area. Thus, removing the concern for missed checks for some visitors. By streamline both process into one, it could also lessen the burden on management

4 steps of the process
  1. Security combination with electronic lock(if applicable)

The most important that need to be done when a suspected case is detected is to distance the person from the rest of the people in the area. One symptom of Covid-19 infection is high fever so once the device that detected a high temperature in a person, it will automatically lock the door by sending a signal to the electronic lock.

A type electronic lock that may be used a company’s building
  1. Record for tracking and future review

Every single temperature taken will be recorded down into the system for review at any time. Usually, a company can only access the location and timing the customer from SafeEntry records. With a normal thermometer, in the case of someone with high temperature, unless the information of the affected person is taken down at the moment of discovery, it will usually be forgotten and cannot be retrieved at a later time.

However, SATS could assist government efforts by offering an automatic scanning and recording system that is able to contain all relevant information into its own database.

Once a person takes his temperature using SATS, it will automatically be recorded in the system regardless of whether it is high or low along with the person particulars. Since an infected person may not always show symptoms such as fever, it is useful to have a record of each person entry timing along with their respective body temperature at the moment in time. This data will serve as a good reference material for anybody looking to analyses the spread of Covid-19. 

Record of all temperature reading taken in a day

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Currently, there’s an ongoing PSG Grant that enable SMEs to claim up to 80% off when investing new technology for their business. It is eligible until the end of December so make your purchase of SATS quickly and reap the benefits it can provide for you among this COVID-19 crisis!

Investment into SATS could enable you to deliver a much higher standard of safety to both your employee and customers while lessening the burden on administrative and manpower cost.